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What are the benefits of hiring a Life Coach?

What are the benefits of hiring a life coach?

Most people expect a successful career, financial stability, happy family life, and all their dreams fulfilled.  But many get lost along the way and struggle to make a change due to a lack of self-belief. They often make poor choices and fail to take action leaving them frustrated and unhappy. This happens when they don’t have a clear vision for the future, don’t understand their purpose in life, or don’t have a life coach to guide them.

What you often find is people make plans to die. They leave a will and in some cases plan all the details of their own funeral. As sad as it is to think about death, even sadder is not thinking about how you will live. How many people who make a will have a plan for living an intentional life? Not many!

Here is an overview of why you should consider hiring a life coach.

What is the Purpose of Hiring a Life Coach?

Some people think to hire a life coach there must be something wrong with you. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Consider all the highly successful people who have a coach in their lives. It might be a personal fitness coach, a sports coach, a wellness coach, a business coach, or a life coach. The purpose of hiring a life coach is to work in partnership with you to help you reach their potential across the facets of life that are important to you. 

Just as professional sports coaches work with players on the technical and psychological aspects of their performance, a life coach works with you to uncover your strengths and unique abilities and work together to help you achieve your personal goals and aspirations.

The purpose of life coaching is to enable and empower you to take responsibility for your life and keep you accountable for taking a structured and disciplined approach to personal development. Their role is to help unlock the answers that already exist within you to connect with your own path in life. This requires you to become consciously aware of your vision, your own life’s purpose and requires you to commit to the process.

Does Life Coaching Really Work?

There are plenty of statistics that prove the effectiveness of life coaching. A survey conducted by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) identified the four top benefits of Life Coaching.

  1. 80% of clients surveyed said it improved their self-confidence
  2. 73% of clients stated coaching improved their relationships
  3. 72% of clients improved their communication skills 
  4. 70% of clients saw that coaching improved their work performance
  5. 67% of clients saw a notable improvement in work-life balance
  6. 61% of clients improved the management of their business
  7. 57% of clients saw improvement in their time management skills

Leading yourself and developing a purpose in life is the foundation upon which you can live the life of your choosing. Here are six ways life coaching can benefit you.

1. A Life Coach Helps Guide You Towards Your Goals

Have you ever walked into a maze? It can be confusing. This way or that? You decide to go in one direction only to be confronted with a dead end. You go in another direction to find it’s a blind alley. Eventually, you realize you may need help finding your way out of the maze. Once you’re safely out, it’s surprising to learn how simple the solution was. 

Some people spend their life in a maze where they become so lost in their own world, they find it difficult to discover a way forward. Often, they don’t realize they’re lost, until someone points it out to them and puts them on the right track.

A life coach helps you guide you out of that maze and sets you up for success. They help you plan to live an intentional life starting with your vision, values, and goals.

2. A Life Coach Uncovers Your Blind Spots

When you become lost in a metaphorical maze and don’t know what the solution is, it’s usually because you haven’t yet mastered any form of self-reflection. Like most people you have blind spots you are unaware of. 

A blind spot is something others know and see in your behavior you can’t see yourself. It might be something as simple as having one bad habit you are oblivious to that stunts your growth and causes you to fail in business. Perhaps you are a poor leader or manager and have no concept of how your employees and customers view you. You might be a lousy spouse or parent and have no idea how you are contributing to a breakdown in the relationship. Possibly it could be that your peers at work didn’t like working with you, therefore, inhibiting your career opportunities and you had no concept this was happening.

Unless you are prepared to confront your blind spots, you will never know what is holding you back. Feedback can be confronting and given the wrong way can very hurtful. With the safety of a Life Coach to support you, they help you confront how others see you in a way that is helpful and constructive. They take away the personal and help you uncover the barriers to success.

3. A Life Coach Provides Unbiased Feedback and Support

A life coach is there to give you unbiased feedback and support. 

A family member or a friend is not always the best person to go for advice. While they have your best interests at heart, they often stop you from pushing the limits because they either don’t want to see you get hurt or they don’t believe in your goals. Their lack of support has nothing to do with your potential, it has everything to do with their own limitations and personal biases.

A life coach is there to explore your ideas and draw out your strengths. They are also there to help break through your limitations and build self-belief. Their feedback is always in the form of questions that allow you to take a deep dive into your own motivations and give you the support you need by keeping you accountable for your actions and results.

4. A Life Coach Helps You Form New Habits

“The chains of habit are too weak to be felt until they are too strong to be broken.” – Samuel Johnson

We all have habits – some we are aware of and some we are not. Some habits are good and contribute to successful outcomes, some habits don’t. The problem with habits is people are often unaware of the habits that are holding them back or if they are aware, they don’t know how to change them. For instance, some people have a bad habit of procrastinating and they don’t know why. 

What a life coach can do is help you identify the habits that are serving you well and change the habits that aren’t. It takes commitment to change a bad habit which is where a good life coach will keep you accountable for your results.

Remember a Life Coach will push you to places you didn’t know you could go and pushes to places you would not go on your own.

5. A Life Coach Helps You Create a Vision for the Future

We all have dreams in life, but very few people are able to turn their dreams into reality. 

Having a vision for the future is one of the most critical components of success and the one thing most people fail to realize, instead, they focus on their goals.  Goals in isolation don’t work, they need to tie to a greater vision to have the power and impact to motivate you to get out of bed each day and pursue your dreams.

The reason goals don’t work in isolation is that if you compare this to a jigsaw puzzle, goals are random pieces inside the puzzle. Yes you can put together small sections of the puzzle with individual goals, what’s missing is the overall picture of how you want your life to look like in a few years’ time. Your vision and values are the pieces that border the puzzle and the missing pieces in the middle that bring the overall picture into focus. Living life without a vision is like a jigsaw with missing pieces. It’s not as satisfying as when you put the whole picture together.

6. A Life Coach Increases Your Confidence Levels

Everyone has a different concept of what confidence means in their life. While you might be confident in one area, you may lack confidence in others. Confidence is relative to learning, education, and mindset and is often a product of self-esteem formed through everything you have experienced in your life to date. 

We all view the world through our own set of glasses where some are rosy and clear and others dark and hazy. Regardless of your inner beliefs most of which are a result of your formative years, these can be changed and you can gain confidence. Confidence is about rewriting the script where you increase the level of belief in yourself, this is where a Life Coach helps you.

Why Learn?

Learning to lead, learning to run a business is no easy task. It takes time and education to transform yourself into the leader you want to be. It all starts with learning how to hire and manage people. It is your communication and people skills that separate the wheat from the chaff.

To find out how you stack up as a leader. You never know what others see that you don’t see yourself. This kind of feedback is not always negative, perhaps you have great attributes and talents you weren’t even aware of.

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